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No Other Home Inspection Company in Albuquerque performs Foundation Level Surveys

There is perhaps no more potentially catastrophic problem in a home than a compromised foundation. If not identified early, even small issues can blossom into repairs costing well north of $10,000.

In extreme cases, suspected foundation problems can be enough reason for excited homebuyers to walk away from their dream home. But before you decide against a home based on what you perceive as a deal-breaking foundation and wall cracks, it pays to have a home inspector give a thorough foundation analysis. This includes checking for wall buckling and cracks, gaps between wall seams, sagging floors and warped ceilings, misaligned doors and windows, and other visual red flags.

Your home inspector will give particular attention to the length, depth, pattern, and location of upper wall and foundation cracks, explaining that not every fissure is the end of the world (many are the result of normal settling and concrete shrinkage).

Hairline cracks in between mortar and L-shaped cracks are generally not of concern, while stair-step cracks in masonry joints wider than a quarter-inch and horizontal cracks will be reported with greater urgency.  Such damage may be the result of soil pressing against the foundation wall. A bulging wall is further evidence that a problem may exist.

However, while an inspector can report on a sagging floor (a possible sign of foundation problems), this observation alone does not quantify the extent of the problem.

“A-Pro® has always treated the inspection of the foundation with great care,” says Greg Mangiaracina, A-Pro Home Inspection founder, and president. “It’s why we go the extra mile by performing a foundation level survey, and I’m not sure why it’s not a mandatory industry standard.”

This service—normally $175.00—accurately documents floor variations in every room of the home. Moreover, it helps identify areas of immediate concern and provides a recorded baseline that can be compared against future foundation level surveys. When rechecked, the homeowners have a record of the original levels in the inspection report so they can determine if the home is settling correctly and at what rate.

How It’s Done: A-Pro inspectors use a specialized digital meter that documents floor elevations throughout the house or building. A PHI® certified inspector then analyzes the results, and the results are illustrated in drawing with an easy-to-understand table included in the home inspection report.

What this Means to You: Homebuyers receive peace of mind knowing this vital aspect of the home’s structure has been examined. For home-selling clients who have had an inspection performed before listing the home, details about the building’s structural integrity can make it more marketable and help it to sell faster.

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