As a real estate agent, you probably recommend radon testing to your clients.

But have you ever had your own home tested? 

Radon Testing in Albuquerque and Santa Fe Dennie Edwards — a real estate agent of 31 years — never did.

That is… not until he discovered a 4.5-centimeter mass on his left lung.

It was cancerous.

He would soon discover that the radon levels in his home were nearly two and a half times the EPA’s recommended level.

I came across his story and as someone in a strong position to do prevent this sort of thing from happening…

I’m offering free home Radon Testing Services in Albuquerque Metro to the realtor® community. I’m also offering it FREE when you schedule a 500-point home inspection for your client. 

  • No catch.
  • No fine print.

As a home inspector, and someone whose business has been blessed and prospered at the hands of so many agents in this community… it’s the least I can do.

I also think it’s a great way to increase awareness… and ensure that real estate agents recommend radon testing to their clients NOT just for liability sake —

but because radon exposure is as preventable as it is dangerous.

That goes for your home, too!

Call now (505) 510-0270 for your free Radon Testing Services in the ALBUQUERQUE METRO area(a $175 value) and learn a bit more as I test your home for dangerous levels of this invisible killer.

Radon is an invisible killer. Get Tested Today!

 Real Estate Agent and Cancer Survivor

Dennie Edwards

“In April of 2004, a real estate agent for Realty-One in Elyria, Ohio said, I thought I had a very bad cold, so my doctor performed a chest x-ray to check for pneumonia. I’ve never smoked, so you can imagine how shocked I was that he found a 4.5-centimeter mass in my left lung.
Even though I’ve been a real estate agent for 31 years, I had never bothered to test my house for radon. I
always informed my clients that radon testing prior to purchase was an option (to protect my liability), but truthfully,
I really didn’t care if they tested or not. Now I had to wonder whether my lung cancer had been caused by radon exposure. While the doctor scheduled my surgery, I scheduled a radon test. The result was 10 pCi/l, (two and a half times the EPA’s recommended Action Level). I had lived in the home for 12 years…
Two days later I had surgery. I thought I was surely going to die. When I woke up choking with tubes in my throat, panic set in.  They had removed my entire left lung. I’m getting better. I can walk up to a mile. But, I can no longer dance, lift things, or exert myself.
My clients now get a very personal testimonial about the importance of testing for radon.”


Real Estate Agents Call now (505) 510-0270 for your free Radon Testing Services in Albuquerque Metro area a $175.00 value! And for a limited time, our radon testing service is FREE for your clients when they purchase a home inspection. Call now to schedule. 

With kindest regards,

Craig Sadberry, CHI, PHI, MPA

A-Pro® Certified Home Inspector

(505) 510-0270

P.S. It’s okay to pass this along to other realtors in your organization. This free radon testing is available for the home of ANY local real estate agent.

Free Home Radon Testing Services in Albuquerque Metro and surrounding areas for Real Estate Agents! 

Former Olympic hockey player on how she developed lung cancer from the radon levels in her home

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